Balán, Manuel. Today’s Allies, Tomorrow’s Enemies? The Political Dynamics of Corruption Scandals in Latin America. Manuscript in Preparation

Journal articles

Balán, Manuel. “Surviving Corruption in Brazil: Lula and Dilma’s Success Despite Corruption Allegations and its Consequences.” Journal of Politics in Latin America, 6, 3, 67–93. 2014.

Balán, Manuel. “Polarización y medios  a 30 años de democracia.” Revista de la Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Político. Número Especial. Vol. 7 no. 2. 473-481. 2013.

Balán, Manuel and Lorenzo Daieff. “Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: Towards a Multi-dimensional Approach.” ISID-CIDA Research to Practice Policy Briefs. No 28. 2013.

Balán, Manuel. “Competition by Denunciation: The Political Dynamics of Corruption Scandals in Argentina and Chile.” Comparative Politics, Vol. 43, Issue 4. 459-476. 2011.

Balán, Manuel. “La Denuncia como Estrategia.” Desarrollo Economico. Nº 202-203. Vol. 50. 163-187. 2011.

Book reviews

Balán, Manuel. “Assessing the Progress in Transparency and Anti-CorruptionLatin American Research Review, Volume 49, Number 2, 2014, pp. 262-272. (Books reviewed: Laws of Chance: Brazil’s Clandestine Lottery and the Making of Urban Public Life, by Amy Chazkel (Duke University Press). Jobs for the Boys: Patronage and the State in Comparative Perspective, by Merilee S. Grindle. (Harvard University Press). Political Careers, Corruption, and Impunity: Panama’s Assembly, 1984-2009, by Carlos Guevara Mann (University of Notre Dame Press). Guerrilla Auditors: The Politics of Transparency in Neoliberal Paraguay, by Kregg Hetherington (Duke University Press). Corruption & Politics in Latin America: National and Regional Dynamics, edited by Stephen D. Morris and Charles H. Blake (Lynne Rienner Publishers). Corruption and Democracy in Brazil: The Struggle for Accountability, edited byTimothy J. Power and Matthew M. Taylor (University of Notre Dame Press)).

Balán, Manuel. «Corruption & Democracy in Latin America», by Charles Blake and Stephen Morris, eds. 2009 (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press), Latin American Politics and Society, vol. 53, no 3, pp.171-174. 2011.


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